Your safety is our top priority. We request our guests to familiarize themselves with our safety guidelines and procedures to ensure their utmost safety in case of adversities that might arise while they enjoy their stay in the best hotel rooms in Gulf Shores at the Beachside Resort Hotel.


Here are some travel recommendations to guarantee a smooth and worry-free vacation.

Travel Tips

Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip
Travel Tips

Travel Light 

Opt for minimal luggage to enhance your travel comfort.

Ziplock Bags Come in Handy

Utilize zip-lock bags for easy management of wet or damp clothing.

Lock Up Your Belongings

Always secure your travel bags and belongings to prevent unexpected losses.

Carry all your Important Documents

Before departure, ensure you have essential documents such as your passport, driver's license, and all travel-related paperwork.

Book Tickets in Advance (Online)

Save time and energy by pre-booking tickets for popular tourist attractions in the city.

Hotel Protocols

Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip
Upon Arrival

When you arrive

Check the property map on the back of your guestroom door to locate the fire exits and staircases.

Make a mental note of the positions of fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations on your floor.

Familiarize yourself with the 'Off' switch for your air conditioner.

Note: In the event of a fire, turning off the air conditioner can prevent smoke from entering your room.

Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip
Security Policies and Procedures 

For your safety and security

Please remember to lock your door using the deadbolt.

For added security, utilize the additional safety latch to secure the doors further.

Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip

To maintain your safety and security

Always verify the identity of unfamiliar individuals before granting them access to your room.

If you have any doubts about a person's identity, do not hesitate to contact the front desk for assistance.

Keep your room keys in a secure location.

Avoid leaving your key inside the room or on the door to prevent potential issues.

Never trust strangers with your room key.

Before departing for the day, ensure to drop off your keys at the front desk.


Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip
In the event of a fire
  • Stay calm and avoid panicking.
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • Close your door if it is safe to do so.
  • Contact the hotel's front desk immediately.
  • Inform the hotel staff about the emergency.
  • Evacuate your room and exit the hotel premises without delay.
  • Ensure you have your room key with you as you leave.
Hotel for Surfers in Gulf Shores, Safety Tip
In case of smoke
  • Shield your nose and mouth with a damp cloth folded into a triangular shape.
  • Reach out to the front desk for assistance.
  • Notify the service team about the emergency.
  • If needed, crawl towards the exit door to avoid smoke inhalation.
Case A
  • If the door feels cool to the touch, open it carefully and remember to take your room key with you as you exit the room.
Case B
  • If the door feels hot, do not open it. Remain patient and wait for our service team to come and assist you.
Case 1
  • If the hallway is smoke-free, proceed to the emergency exit stairs as a safe route.
Case 2
  • If the hallway is filled with smoke, return to your room. We will provide you with prompt guidance to ensure your safety.
  • Before opening the door, check the doorknob's temperature for heat. If it's hot, avoid opening it, as it may lead to a fire-affected area.
In the event of a tornado or severe weather conditions
  • The city's Civil Defense Sirens will be activated. 
  • Simultaneously, our hotel's fire alarm system will be triggered to alert our guests.
  • Guests are strongly advised to adhere to the established protocol, which involves evacuating to the lowest floor of the hotel.
  • Our dedicated hotel staff is on standby to assist you during this process.
  • Hotel management will make every possible effort to contact you either by phone or through a personal visit to your room to keep you informed about the situation.
COVID-19 Protocols

We take immense pride in upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. To address the challenges posed by the coronavirus, we have implemented additional measures in consultation with global and local public health authorities, including the WHO and CDC, to further enhance our cleaning and hygiene protocols:

  • Our staff has undergone comprehensive training in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, reaffirming our commitment to prioritize hygiene and cleanliness across all aspects of our operations.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas, such as lobbies, elevators, door handles, and public bathrooms. Our use of hospital-grade disinfectants remains consistent.
  • Our food and beverage services will continue to be adjusted in line with current food safety recommendations to ensure the highest levels of safety for our guests.
  • For the comfort and safety of our guests and employees, we have increased the use of antibacterial hand sanitizers throughout our facilities.
  • Our meeting rooms undergo thorough sanitization after each meeting and are sanitized again whenever the room setup changes.
  • Our guest rooms are meticulously cleaned and sealed until guests check-in, ensuring a pristine and safe environment for every guest.
  • In all public areas, the use of face masks is mandatory to further protect the well-being of our guests and staff

In addition to these preventive measures, our staff are always available to address any specific questions or concerns that you may have during your stay with us.