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Top 3 steak & seafood restaurants to check out in Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Beachside Resort Hotel, Gulf Shores, Alabama also gives you easy access to the best tourist attractions, resultants & recreation centers in the city. In this blog, we recommend the best steak houses in Gulf Shores to treat your taste buds with.

1. Long Horn Steakhouse

The menu at the Long Horn Steakhouse is outstanding. The food here is served hot and quick. The service staff are super-friendly and attentive. You will love the desserts at this restaurant and will definitely come back for more. Stop by to relish some of the best steaks in the city.

2. Perch

Perch gives you a wholesome dining experience. The menu is vast, and the food portions are sufficient & filling. Overall, this restaurant gives you great value for money. Check out their signature lamb lollipop when you stop by for a delicious meal at the Perch.

3. Coast Restaurant

The Coast restaurant gives you the best of all worlds. The taste of the food, guest service, ambiance, and value for money are all outstanding at this restaurant, making it a must-visit. The cheese ratatouille here is cooked to impressive perfection. The goat cheese fondue is super-delicious as well. Do not miss visiting this restaurant during your trip to Gulf Shores.

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