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Sandy Toes And Fun Facts With One Of The Best Hotels In Gulf Shores, AL, Beachside Resort

Picture yourself waking up to soft waves lapping at the coastline. You go to your balcony to witness the dawn over the Gulf of Mexico. Room booking at Beachside Resort, one of the best hotels in Gulf Shores, AL, gives your trip an entirely different perspective. While enjoying the benefits of a coastal resort stay, we'll discover some of the most exciting facts about the Gulf Shores in this article.  

A Perfect Stay For Your Beachside Vacation 

The beachside resort hotel, tucked away along the picturesque Gulf Shores shoreline, is a sanctuary of luxury and leisure. With easy access to sugar-white sand beaches, breathtaking ocean views, and top-notch facilities, our hotel provides the ideal coastal retreat. With us, enjoy paradise at its best.    

Fun-Facts About Gulf Shores  

Fun fact about Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a treasure of exciting facts. Gulf Shores boasts a unique combination of natural beauty, history, and coastal charm that keeps people returning for more.   

1. The White Sandy Beaches   

Some of the most beautiful sandy beaches can be found in Gulf Shores. Over thousands of years, quartz grains swept down from the Appalachian Mountains make up most of the powdery, white sand. This natural wonder keeps the beaches cold even on the warmest summer days. It also contributes to the area's appeal.   

Some of the famous white sandy beaches are:   

  • Orange Beach   
    The white sandy Orange Beach, Alabama, is one of the most beautiful beaches. Flyboarding is one of the many unique activities you'll discover at Bear Point Marina. Other well-liked sports and activities are sailing and sunset dolphin cruises, while if you want to unwind, you can lounge on the soft sand and soak up the sun. Watch your kids play in the waves, gather seashells, and make sandcastles. The stunning Orange Beach is the ideal location for a coastal retreat. 

  • Fort Morgan   
    Wouldn't it be nice if there was a museum close by and a beach nearby? Fort Morgan's location is advantageous because it is conveniently located near the water. It's a historical state park with a beach and many tourist attractions for a cultural vacation that balances unwinding and discovering something new.   

2. Haven For Watersports   

There are many thrilling things to get you out on the water during your beach trip. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer many enjoyable water activities. Watersports are among the most exciting things to do during your beach holiday. These exhilarating activities can be found on Alabama's beaches, from racing across the ocean to flying over the sand.   

Must do water activities: 

  • Parasailing   
    You must try parasailing if you want breathtaking sights to go with your thrill. Being lifted into the air and flying over the ocean is a sensation unlike any other. You can parasail alone or with friends in a double or triple harness. Although the views from the sand are lovely, they are even more beautiful from above.   

  • Pontoon Boating   
    Welcome, Captain! You don't need a boat to spend a day on the ocean here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. You are the captain and don't require a boating license while hiring a pontoon boat. Most pontoon boats can accommodate 10 to 12 people, so that you can bring the whole gang. Rent a pontoon with a slide to make your boating day more enjoyable.   

  • Jet Skiing   
    On a beach holiday, there is no better way to experience thrills than on a Jet Ski. You can glide above the waves. You can ride on a jet ski at your speed. Race over the waves alone or with friends; many Jet Skis can carry three people.   

3. Delicious Seafood   

Get your seafood fix on the Gulf Coast of Alabama at a popular local hangout, a fine dining restaurant, or while admiring the scenery from a waterfront eatery. You will see the difference when you eat seafood served in the Gulf. Shrimp, oysters, crab, flounder, snapper, and grouper are popular local seafood dishes.   

Some of the best restaurants for eating seafood: 

  • Lucy Buffets's Lulu    
    The distinguishing features of Lucy Buffett's LuLu are fun, food, and music. Enjoy the broad Allergy Menu, sandy beach, and picturesque waterfront views! You can enjoy fun-flavored seaside food and daily live music performances.  

  • The Hangout    
    The Hangout is more than a dining restaurant in Gulf Shores—it's a seafood extravaganza. It provides a variety of seafood specialties from the Gulf Coast. It is located right away on the beach. The Hangout is a must-visit location for seafood lovers looking for a unique seaside dining experience.  

4. Spectacular Sunsets   

The vibrant colors of Gulf Shore's sunsets harmonize, creating a sensory symphony that stays in your heart forever. Romantic coastal strolls and treasured moments are made imaginable by these stunning sunsets.  

Places for getting the best sunset views:   

  • Gulf State Park Beach   
    There are many spots for a romantic stroll around the beaches at the time. The Gulf State Park beach in Gulf Shores provides wide-ranging sunset views.   

  • Orange Beach Waterfront Park   
    Orange Beach Waterfront Park is the ideal location for a stroll with breathtaking views if you're in the area. Additionally, the park features a short stretch of beach, making it simple to pick a quiet spot to get a private vista and a sunset kiss.   

5. The Shrimp Festival   

Fifty local and regional exhibitors offering crab cakes, conch fritters, lobster, Cajun pistols, and a variety of other delectable foods are present at this event. While visiting, you can try fresh Gulf shrimp cooked in various ways, including fried, steamed, and many more. Of course, the shrimp are the event's main interest, but there is much more to enjoy!    

6. A Relaxing Escape   

Gulf Shores is primarily a place to unwind and relax. Its relaxed ambiance and stunning surroundings make it the ideal vacation spot for anybody looking to escape their routine. Gulf Shores provides a tranquil daily retreat, whether you choose to spend your days relaxing on the beach, discovering wildlife, or sampling regional cuisine.   

Seashells And Memories   

Making room reservations at Beachside Resort, one of the best hotels in Gulf Shores, AL offers more than simply opulent lodgings. Gulf Shores provides a distinctive range of activities that match the conveniences of your resort stay, assuring a memorable and pleasurable break. These experiences range from the natural beauty and animals to the rich history and lively culture. So, make your hotel booking with Beachside Resort to take your vacation to another level.   


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1. What amenities does Beachside Resort offer?

  • Outdoor Pool With A Beach View   

  • Sundry Shop   

  • Ice Machine    

2. What is the cancellation policy of Beachside Resort?  

To avoid a one-night cancellation fee, cancel before 4:00 PM. The cancellation should be done at least 48 hours (about two days) before your scheduled arrival.   

3. What is the weather like in Gulf Shores?   

Due to its humid subtropical climate, Gulf Shores experience moderate winters and hot, humid summers.   



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