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Relishing The Vegan Scene With Beachside Resort, One Of The Luxurious Hotels In Gulf Shores, AL

Alabama's Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are well known for their gorgeous beaches, inviting seas, and active food scenes. These beachfront locations, tucked along the Alabama Gulf Coast, provide various dining options, including excellent vegan choices. Consider making your room reservation at Beachside Resort Hotel, one of the premier Hotel Room Reservation in Gulf Shores, AL. We will take you on a delicious tour of the best vegan restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to ensure your taste buds are satisfied while there. 

Vegan Restaurants In Gulf Shores And Orange Beach


Vegan restaurants in Gulf Shores

Discover vegan delights in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach while making room bookings at Beachside Resort. Explore the wholesome options or savor vegan sushi at Cosmo's Restaurant. Picnic Beach offers casual vegan fare, and Ruby Slipper Cafe serves vegan pancakes. Here is a list of top vegan restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  

1. Brick & Spoon Orange Beach  

While Brick & Spoon in Orange Beach isn't exclusively vegan, it's worth a visit for its creative breakfast and brunch options. Though vegan choices are limited, you can still savor a delightful atmosphere and enjoy dishes like Avocado Toast or Fruit and nut Oatmeal. It's a noteworthy stop for vegan diners in the area.

2. Cosmo's Restaurant & Bar  

Cosmo's Restaurant and Bar in Orange Beach may not be a vegan-only eatery, but its exceptional vegan-friendly offerings are worth eating. Their chefs are happy to create tasty and cutting-edge cuisine while considering vegan tastes. The delectable veggie stir-fry and vegan sushi rolls are to be noticed. The beachside location elevates your eating experience.  

3. Picnic Beach Bar & Grill  

A short stroll from our luxury hotel, Picnic Beach is a casual eatery offering a variety of vegan choices amidst a laid-back atmosphere. Picnic Beach caters to all tastes, whether you're craving vegan tacos, indulgent loaded fries, or a revitalizing salad. What truly distinguishes this establishment is its dedication to incorporating locally sourced ingredients. It guarantees freshness and excellence in each mouthwatering bite.  

4. The Ugly Diner  

The Ugly Diner, a hidden gem in Gulf Shores, offers a unique vegan dining experience. Despite its unassuming exterior, it's a haven for plant-based enthusiasts. Dive into their flavorful vegan pancakes, tofu scrambles, and creative veggie bowls. Don't let the name fool you; it's a delightful vegan destination.  

5. The Southern Grind Coffee House  

Head to The Southern Grind Coffee House in Orange Beach for a quick vegan breakfast or a caffeine fix. This charming café offers a range of vegan pastries, including muffins and scones, which pair perfectly with their expertly crafted coffee beverages. Enjoy your meal on their outdoor patio while soaking up the coastal breeze.  

6. Ginny Lane Bar & Grill  

An elegant dining experience with a vegan twist is available at Orange Beach's Ginny Lane Bar and Grill, situated at The Wharf. Enjoy some of their vegan jambalaya or their decadent vegan spaghetti primavera. This restaurant is an excellent choice for a special occasion because of its elegant setting and vast wine selection.  

7. Acme Oyster House  

While traditionally known for its seafood, Acme Oyster House, located in Gulf Shores, has embraced the vegan movement by adding delectable plant-based options to its menu. Their vegan gumbo, made with a rich roux and various vegetables, is a flavorful masterpiece. Pair it with their vegan cornbread for a satisfying meal that pays homage to Southern cuisine.  

8. Big Fish Restaurant & Bar  

Another seafood-focused restaurant and bar that recognizes the value of providing vegetarian and vegan options is Big Fish Restaurant and Bar. It is located in Orange Beach. Diners who are vegan will love their vegan sushi rolls made with delicious ingredients like fresh avocado, cucumber, and so on.  

9. Ruby Slipper Cafe  

A short drive from Gulf Shores, in Orange Beach, The Ruby Slipper Cafe is a favorite breakfast and brunch spot among locals and tourists. While they have many traditional breakfast options, their vegan pancake stack is a delightful surprise. Drizzled with maple syrup and served with fruits, it's a sweet and satisfying way to start your day.  

10. Sassy Bass Island Grill  

Sassy Bass Island Grill in Gulf Shores, though not entirely vegan, offers vegan-friendly options. Their menu includes a tasty veggie burger and a range of salads. The beachy atmosphere adds to the experience. Enjoy the scenic views while savoring vegan bites at this Gulf Shores establishment.  

11. Cobalt The Restaurant  

Cobalt, The Restaurant in Orange Beach, accommodates vegan diners with creative vegan selections. Try their flavorful vegan tacos and customizable salads. With picturesque waterfront views, it's a scenic spot to enjoy vegan options while taking in the beauty of Orange Beach.  

12. Villagio Grille  

By offering a variety of adaptable vegan alternatives, Orange Beach's Villaggio Grille expands its customer base to include vegans. This upmarket restaurant offers a refined dining experience by the ocean, where you may appreciate well-created vegan food among a stunning Gulf Coast landscape. 

Your Perfect Coastal Getaway  

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are famous for their seafood and Southern cooking. The culinary scene is changing to accommodate vegetarians and health-conscious eaters. You won't have any problem finding delectable vegan meals that will fuel your body. It will also excite your taste buds with these best vegan eateries close to Beachside Resort Hotel, one of the best hotels in Gulf Shores, AL. These restaurants provide a broad range of flavors and experiences that will make your visit to the Alabama Gulf Coast remarkable.  

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1. What are the sightseeing attractions in Gulf Shores?  

  • Alabama Point East  

  • Gulf Shores Sportsplex  

  • Gulf Shores Main Public Beach  

  • Waterville USA  

2. What in-room amenities does Beachside Resort Hotel provide for its guests?  

  • Television  

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3. Is Gulf Shores, Alabama, worth visiting?  

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are picturesque coastal communities that buzz with life, boasting a dynamic blend of residents of all ages who infuse energy into the region. You'll discover distinctive attractions, exceptional dining opportunities, a wide range of accommodation choices, and thrilling adventures on and off the water.  

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